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Eagle One Properties is an Oklahoma corporation with home offices at 10802 Quail Plaza Drive, Suite 204, Oklahoma City, OK 73120. Our office phone number is 405.858.7766. Fax number: 405.608.2288

We are an equal opportunity landlord. We carefully screen all applicants and will not rent to anyone that has a dangerous or drug related felony conviction or has ever been evicted. We reserve the right to refuse tenancy to any applicant for legitimate reasons. Poor credit will not normally be used as a basis for denial.

Applications are available online or at our office and must be completed by every adult occupant. There is a $20 cash fee for each adult!

You can email us too! amy@eagloneproperties.com or venable@eagleoneproperties.com


Voice:   405.858.7766
Fax:   405.608.2288

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